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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

it's not about me

When I finally begin to understand that life is not about me, then maybe, just maybe, I will begin to finally make some progress in the spiritual life.  Only then will I start being the person God made me to be—someone meant to reflect his glory and embody his love, rather than being consumed with myself.  For in the kingdom of God, we find our lives by losing them.

“Don’t get consumed spinning around in your own little story,” Jesus is telling us, “but get swept up into the grand narrative of all that God is doing in time and eternity. As long as life is about you, you’re going to live such a tiny, limited, miserable existence, and I am inviting you to so much more than that.  I am inviting you into a life so much bigger and so much more beautiful and more noble than you could imagine.  Don’t miss it.”

Forgive me, Lord Jesus, when I somehow become convinced that life is more about me, than it is about you.  Help me, this day, to learn what it means "to lose my life, in order that I may find it."  Amen.

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