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Sunday, May 7, 2017


every now
and again
the land must
simply lie fallow
in order to be all
that it was
intended to be

the same is true
of the soul

there is
a deep need
and a great necessity
in the life of the spirit
for our hearts
and our souls
to lie fallow

to create
a time
and a space
where we do
but rest
and recover

a time where we
accomplish nothing
produce nothing
achieve nothing

a time where
we do not try
to be helpful
or available
but only
replenish and renew
our souls
for years of
future fruitfulness

but o how difficult
the task
how hard it is
to create
and maintain
this time and space
to hold onto it
against all
that would try
to fill it up

it takes
an enormous
of discipline
and wisdom
and courage
to let the soul
just lie there

that is why
so few
ever do it


  1. Today is a day of rest for me. I have had little sleep and will be forced to just exist today... In that I lose some productivity and will be a bit 'behind'. However, due to the fact that I deal with 'brain drain' on a daily basis due to a catastrophic injury, I know that by hiding away, doing little will help to restore my abilities.
    This is excellent. Love this writing...

  2. Thanks BG. This piece was born from a week away and the recognition that I had been slowly depleted, and in need of renewal, without really recognizing it. The week was wonderfully life-giving and reminded me of the necessity of rest. It is beautifully woven into the fabric of creation.