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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

rest II

How is rest even possible in this chaotic and uncertain world?  There is far too much unknown.  And there is far too much known.  And then there is the whole world inside; filled with so many fears, and doubts, and insecurities.  I mean who really has a chance?  Who could even think of finding rest in such a threatening climate?  Unless of course our rest didn't depend on us; on what we can create, or what we can achieve, or what we can avoid.  Only if our safety and security was dependent on something, or better yet Someone, much bigger than we are.  Someone big enough to calm our deepest fears, and overcome our biggest insecurities.  Someone with a heart we could trust; someone with a hand we can be sure of.  Someone who calls us Beloved and invites us to find our rest in Him.  Someone who is big enough and strong enough to fully protect us, yet Someone whose heart for us is so full of love that more than anything he longs for us to come to Him, and lay or weary heads upon His chest, and find our rest between His strong and tender shoulders.  Let the beloved of the Lord find their rest in Him, for He shields him all day long; and the one the Lord loves, rests between His shoulders (Deut. 33:22).

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