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Friday, April 19, 2013

psalm 107 (april, 2013)

Some fought and wrestled
     and refused to let go
     even though what they were
     clinging to so tightly
     was only a shadow and an illusion
     a false and fleeting distortion
     of what the dreamer dreamt them to be
In fact they held on so tightly that
     in the end it had to be torn away
     pried from their tightly clenched fists
And when it all was over and the dust had settled
     they recognized that what God was freeing them from
     and what he had for them to receive
     was what they most desperately wanted all along
He was giving them the gift of their true selves
Let them give thanks to God for His unfailing love
     and His wonderful deeds for men
For His passion for us will not allow Him
     to let us settle for less than
     all of the beauty and delight
     that was in His heart and mind
     when He dreamt us into being

(Note:  Periodically I find it a helpful practice to try and write a psalm; something that speaks for where I am, or speaks to what God seems to be up to within or around me.  This piece came from a retreat where I was spending some significant time in Psalm 107.  It is my little portion.)

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