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Sunday, February 5, 2012

jackson (1-7-87)


standing at the base of the canyon
looking up
how immense the walls
towering far above
and how deep the floor
dark and hopeless
it seems an impossible climb
out of this pit of sadness
groaning and despair
how can i possibly reach the other side
where life can continue
once again?

how can i do this?
i cry into the chasm
how can i do this?
it just doesn’t seem possible

i need someone
who knows the way
through the pain and darkness
the despair and loneliness
back to life again
who could possibly know the way?
only one who has been there
who has been to the depths
and made it back alive
only one who has seen rock bottom
and survived even still

i need someone who knows the way
and can walk beside me
through the darkest night
back into the light again

only you can offer hope
you alone
hold the possibility
that in spite of all the pain
life can one day begin again
only you can offer hope
that the canyon rim
can someday be reached

only you know the way
so reach down
from on high
and take hold
of this broken heart
reach down
to the bottom of this abyss
and lift me up
take me
in your strong and tender arms
and make my shattered life
whole once again

P.S. I wrote this years and years ago in the midst of some of the deepest groaning I could ever imagine.  And as I read it again, 25 years later,  I realize that you do eventually get to the other side of the canyon; life does return to "normal" again, but it is an entirely "new normal" as one of my dear friends, who knows the depths of the groan, likes to say.  What stands out to me most on this side of it all...is gratitude.  I am so incredibly grateful for the gift of our few days together...and what God did in me (us) as a result.

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