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Thursday, February 9, 2012

a do-over

Did you ever wish you could have a do-over? You know, like when you get to the end of a conversation or an event and you think, "I really missed it there." As a matter of fact, in your desire to be helpful—to whoever it was that you were speaking to or sitting with—you were actually anything but that.  The desire was a wonderful thing, and came from a beautiful place, but it actually kept you from creating the space for them to be.  For some reason you talked a little too much and listened a little too little, so that the time became more about you than about them.  So, you look back and long for another chance, not for your sake but for theirs.  Because what they were really looking for and hoping for was just someone to be with them; and your misguided desire kept you from being able to do that.  Luckily God is big enough to use even our bumbling and our fumbling to accomplish His purposes.  I guess that’s some consolation, huh?  Plus the fact that next time, I’ll know better…I hope.


  1. These words are very wise.

  2. Six years later and I still need to re-read this post before just about every conversation I have.

  3. More and more what I'm coming to realize is that people do not need my advice, opinions, wisdom, or expertise, as if I had any of that, they just need a loving, caring, non-anxious presence in their lives. Someone to listen, someone to care, someone just to be with them.