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Sunday, March 6, 2022

our father

“Our Father in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9)

The guiding image for prayer, Jesus tells us, is that of God as “Our Father.”  It is an image of strong, tender, and unfailing love.  Thus, our Father-God has a special affection for the sound of our voice; it brings him deep joy and gladness.  He longs for us to be near to him so he can breathe in our scent, delight over our features, run his hands through our hair, and press his lips to our cheeks.  It seems like that alone would be enough reason for us to want to pray.

O God, more than anything else you want us to know you as our Father.  Not a distant, disinterested, stern, or angry father, but the Father we always dreamt about in our wildest imaginations.  A Father that loving and strong, tender and true, present and attentive.  That is the kind of Father you are, and we are so grateful to be your children.


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