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Sunday, May 23, 2021

the key to freedom

Being able to discern the lies from the truth is one of the key elements of the spiritual journey. (John 8:31-32) Our freedom will always be determined by the degree to which we are believing the truth, rather than listening to the lies.  Thus, if we are not free, it is simply because we are believing things that are not true.  But how can we possibly know what is true, unless we are abiding in God’s word?

Rarely has the second half of a passage been so remembered, and the first half so forgotten.  Knowing the truth does not just fall on our heads, we must seek it.  And the way we seek the truth is by abiding in God’s word.  Did you get that?  Abiding.  Not just by reading it, or by memorizing it, or even by studying it, but by abiding in it.  That involves listening to the word, opening ourselves to the word, romancing the word, and allowing the word to form and shape and mold and come alive in us.  Abiding in the word is making our home in the word and allowing the word to make its home in us.  That is how we come to know the truth.  And that is how the truth sets us free.

Lord Jesus, may we abide in your word today, and may your words abide in us.  For that is the only way we can ever know the truth, and it is by knowing the truth that we are set free. 


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