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Sunday, March 14, 2021


you have scattered your
favors to foreign gods
under every spreading tree...
return, faithless people,
for i am your husband.
(jer. 3:13-14)

o my bride
my church
i am your God
your husband
your lover 

i made you for myself
that i might give myself to you
and you might give yourself to me
in a sacred romance
of union and intimacy
beyond your wildest dreams

but you have turned away
you have given
the most intimate
parts of yourself
to other lovers

you have given your
attention and affection
to foreign gods
who cannot love you
the way i do

i see you
giving yourself to them
under every green tree
thinking they have something
to offer you
that i do not

scattering your favors
among them
as if they were worth nothing

o my love
my bride
what shall i do with you
you have broken my heart

how i long to be
the focus of all your love
the object of
your deepest affections

how i long for you
to return to our bed
that i might show
my love to you once again.

but i will not share you
with another
i will not compete
for your love

you must leave
your other lovers
and return to me

return to me
my love
my bride
for i am
your one true love
Seasons by Jim Branch

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