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Saturday, April 25, 2020

ten things i'm learning from "sheltering at home"

1. The world doesn't need me quite as much as I thought, or hoped, it did.
2. The things that really matter the most are faith and family.
3. God speaks a lot more often, and a lot more clearly, when my soul is still and silent.
4. It takes a while for my soul to become still and silent.
5. I'm addicted to "doing" much more than I thought I was.
6. I can go longer without watching sports than I thought I could. (But I don't have to like it!)
7. I take far too many things, and people, for granted.
8. When our leaders are motivated by self-interest everyone loses.
9. The real heroes in this world are the ones taking care of other people without drawing attention to themselves.
10. Though circumstances change, God never does.  He is always with us, he is always good, and he is always in control.


  1. Thanks Deitra! Hope you are doing well.

  2. A few more fun additions from friends:
    1. I'm too comfortable with social distancing. The introvert in me really enjoys it.
    2. The pace of life these days affords me an abundance of stillness, which I didn't notice I was ignoring/missing.
    3. I am really not good on video.
    4. Statistics are controlled by the interpreter of the numbers.
    5. I now know why I don't wear my hair long.
    6. I'd forgotten how great a good novel can be for my soul.

    Keep them coming:)

  3. Another good one:
    -Rule #1 for working from home is to know when, and how, to stop.

  4. And another:
    -Maybe God is trying to teach me how to dwell well in my house, so that I can learn what it's like to dwell in his. (Psalm 23:6)