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Thursday, December 26, 2019

why to shepherds

why to shepherds 
and not to kings

was there something about your coming
that was only able to be perceived
by those who were aware of their own need
those not jockeying or posturing or climbing
those not too busy or too consumed or too caught up
in their own spinning

the preoccupied had no room for you
no eye to see the shining star
no ear to hear the heavenly host
no feet that hurried to the manger

not a lot has changed 
in two thousand years
the lowly are still more attentive
the humble more open
the empty more willing to receive

when you come today
(and you will come)
will i even notice
or will i continue to 
be swept up in a frenzy of activity
unable to see the star 
shining in the night sky
unable to hear the heavenly anthem
echoing in the world 
within and around

oh to be content 
to be a shepherd
rather than constantly trying
to be a king

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