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Monday, November 19, 2018

abba's song

zeph. 3:17

hush my child
can you hear it

it is the song of 
delight and affection
i constantly sing
over you

this noisy world
and your fragile heart
make it hard 
to hear

but it is there
always there
it never stops

slow your pace
and quiet your soul
and you will
hear it

once you do
you will never
be the same

for it will
awaken you
deep within
and bring you to life

in a way that 
makes you 
unable to live 
as you once did

for you will 
have heard the song 
from which and for which
you were made

and now 
all of life is 
a continual quest
to hear it again and again

so hush my child
be still and listen 
to my song of love
sung over you


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