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Monday, December 19, 2016

traveling companions

there is a loneliness
to this journey
to this life of faith
that is unavoidable
and undeniable

it is a loneliness
that must be acknowledged
and embraced
rather than denied
or escaped
for no one
can take our journey for us
it is ultimately
ours alone to navigate
as the spirit leads

but there is a kindness
given from time to time
as you provide companions
to travel with us
on our way
kindred spirits
who are familiar
with our path
who understand
our plight
and can walk alongside us
for a time

it is the same kindness
you offered
mary and elizabeth
as they traveled similar
and unfamiliar terrain
you did not have to
give them the gift
of each other
but of course you did
because it is just like you
to be kind to us
and present with us
even when we feel like
we are all on our own

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