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Monday, November 21, 2016


o light
upon you
we wait
as we sit
in our darkness

it is the season
of longing
which we now
enter into

the season
of groaning
the season
of recognizing
that all is not
as it was intended to be
the season in which
we watch and wait
for all to be made right

and so we watch
and we wait
and we yearn
for your coming

and hope
is birthed
within us

we wait for you
o light
to come and shine
to blaze
to drive away
our darkness
our doubt
our fear
our despair
and bring us
the hope of life

and bring us
a little taste
of your kingdom
a little hint
of the way
things were intended
to be
and one day
will be

*Advent begins on Sunday, November 27

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