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Monday, February 17, 2014

the beauty within

the surface ravaged
stripped bare
of it's inherent beauty
rock and dust and debris
litters a hard and barren landscape
darkness and despair
seemingly rule the day

but the truth lies
more deeply within
a beauty often covered over
hidden from view
not seen at first glance
but visible to those
willing to be present
to walk and to watch and to pray
to take a look beneath the surface
into the very heart and soul
of this rugged exterior

there is a light that shines
in this darkness
one that comes from deep within
from a heart filled with love
beating with the lifeblood
of goodness and hope
fueled by the fires of the Spirit
overflowing with kindness
and compassion
and love Divine

this is true beauty
thoughtful and genuine
rooted and determined
present and lasting
costly and precious
not fleeting or superficial
but shining forth from
the deepest places of the heart
a treasure hidden in the field
the beauty within

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