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Sunday, May 19, 2013

jackson's prayer

don't weep for me
for from the very moment
i was dreamt into being
this is the very thing
for which i was made
to be with my father
o the joy

i was glad enough
to come to you
so glad to be with you
even for so brief a time
grateful for your care
and for your touch
grateful to be able
to touch you in return
with the touch i received
from our father
he sent me to you
to touch you in that way

but now i am set free
and more alive
than i've ever been
i am free and whole and full
and if my leaving ever
caused you to wonder
rest assured that all
you have ever hoped
to believe is true
truer than you can know
more wonderful than you
dare ask or imagine

let that truth
give you comfort
and hope
and deep anticipation
of all that is to come

26 years later:
Jackson Lee Branch 1-7-87

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