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Friday, December 14, 2012

groaning again

groaning  by Jim Branch

o groaning
you wear many faces
today you are loneliness
yesterday you were longing
last week insecurity and inadequacy
and before that struggle, sadness, and  hurt

you are a constant companion
always present in some form or another
at times visible and recognizable
and at times hidden and buried deep within
so that i can hardly tell you are there

you walk with a purpose
opening up something deep inside me
creating fertile soil in my vulnerable heart
you expand my soul
hastening my becoming

you bring me low when i’m too high
make me smaller when i’m too big
you empty me of self when i’m full of it
and meet me tenderly when i’m bruised or broken

you open me up
making me receptive to true presence
you accomplish a purpose
that only a Dreamer could possibly dream up

sometimes i run from you
sometimes i ignore you…or try
and sometimes i embrace you as a long lost friend
which is exactly what you are
o groaning
you wear many faces
            work your work in me

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