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Thursday, April 12, 2012


an isolated beach at daybreak
a locked room full of fearful men
a lonely road with two weary travelers
of all the places you could’ve chosen
that’s where you chose to show up

small, obscure, remote, intimate
in some ways hidden
in some ways unrecognizable
except by the ones that were yearning deeply
who were paying extra careful attention
those with eyes to see you
and hearts to recognize you
even if you are in disguise

what does this tell me about you?
about your heart, about your spirit, about your ways
does it mean that I should look for you in places such as these?
does it mean that I should gravitate toward places such as these?
does it tell me I should pursue people such as these?
does it tell me I should pursue a life such as this?

could it be that resurrection is a very subtle thing?
so unassuming that it can easily go unnoticed?

I'm so glad Easter is a season rather than just a day.  So maybe, over the next 50 or so days (until Pentecost) ,I will train my eyes and my heart to see you, O Risen Christ, in ways and in places that I don't normally see you. 

He is Risen!!!  He is Risen indeed!!!

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