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Monday, October 3, 2011

old dog...new tricks?

Today marks the first official day of a new journey for me.  An old place of life and ministry is quickly fading in the rearview mirror; leaving a sadness deep within me as some of the ones I have ministered along-with and along-side for years and years become less frequent parts of the new terrain that lies before me.   And this new road that stretches out ahead is filled with adventure and excitement of its own; just waiting to be had, to be dreamed, to be lived.  So I find myself at the beginning, but not really at the beginning at all, but at the “continuing;” for the who and the where I am will not really change…only the how and the what.  Therefore, the road seems oddly familiar and exciting, but in some ways anxious and uncertain at same time.  Who knows, maybe it is a journey that will enable me to become more and more myself as the years go by.

I do know that at the beginning of this new season I have been given a great gift; a time away with some of my heroes…Buddy, Ken, Charley, John, Ray, Bill, Bret, Moldy, and Fil.   A time at a beautiful place, on a beautiful day, with a hospitable host, to simply be with people I deeply love and respect.  It is a total gift—and probably the best way I could imagine to start this new chapter. To listen to these brothers share their lives and their journeys; their joys and their struggles; their hopes and their dreams, gives me faith and courage for what is ahead.  They are dear friends and traveling companions; they are mentors and teachers; they are instructors and guides.  They are deeply in love with Jesus and deeply committed to his kingdom—and genuinely in love with me…what more could you ask for?  

So here’s to the new season ahead…May we go in peace to love and serve the Lord.  Thanks be to God!

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