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Thursday, December 20, 2018


i often find myself wondering 
whenever i hear the Story 
if you somehow felt shortchanged 

and yet
that does not 
seem to fit your personality
it does not seem to represent 
who you are 
so quiet and so hidden 
and yet so vital 
to the Story's unfolding 

mary made space for God 
in an extraordinarily beautiful way 
but so did you 
hers was a making of space 
for God to grow in her womb 
and yours was a making of space 
in a completely different manner 

you made space by
not occupying it all yourself 
you made space 
by stepping aside
by fading 
into the background
so that God 
could occupy center stage
for you fully realized
that this Story
was not about you

oh how i need
to learn to be
more like that

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