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Saturday, July 4, 2015

a prayer for independence

As I was spending time this morning thinking about independence day and freedom it occurred to me that the thing I most need independence and freedom from, oddly enough, is my self.  I desperately need to be freed from my own dysfunctional patterns and habits, from my own broken ways of being and thinking.  I need freedom from being so full of myself, my plans, and my agendas.  Simply put, I need freedom from being so completely self-consumed.  Maybe this is the kind of Independence Day I should be praying for.

O Lord, how I long to be better, whatever that looks like and however that happens.  I long to be set free from my own self-consumed ways of being and seeing, and to become more and more like you.  I long to be more loving instead of self-centered.  I long to be more compassionate rather than competitive.  And I long to care more about your will and your work than I do about my own.  Continue, O God, to transform my heart.  Grow your good fruit in me and allow that fruit to flow effortlessly from my heart and life.  Change me from deep within. Give me more peace and less frustration.  Make me more rooted and less reactive.  Help me to be more caring and less annoyed.  O Jesus, fill me so full of your love that there will be no room in me for anything else.  Give me true independence from my self, in you. 

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