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Sunday, October 7, 2012


not enough
is the name
i hear
echoing off the walls
of my heart
i wear it like a name tag
i allow it to determine
my identity
it sends me
into a spin
running after
why does this liar
have such power over me
to determine
who i am
what i do
somehow he
has made me believe
that his words
are true

is the name
i am known by
by the one
who made me
and knows me
the word of truth
that can set me free
if i dare to believe
the beauty that is bestowed
from his lips
if i dare to see
myself through his eyes
for if i dare
then i can live
true and free
with nothing more
to run after
i am at rest
in the arms of the one
who loves me
more than i dare
ask or imagine

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