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Friday, March 9, 2012

a companion for the journey

This prayer has been a great companion for me during this journey through Lent, as I face the challenge within of dying (taking off, letting go, etc.) to all that is false and embracing (living into/becoming) all that is true and right and good.  Maybe you will find it to be the same...

You, O Christ, are my wealth.  All those things I thought I couldn't live without "dissolve" in a glance from you.  They are nothing when considered in the larger light of your intimate presence.  How difficult it has been to come to this moment!  The moment of letting go!  I. who have learned so well to hoard, grasp, clutch, and control!  Now I want only to be grasped by you.  All my possessions are empty when they become obstacles to my union with you.  O Glance of God, prepare my heart for the Great Surrender.  Enable me to surrender my ego self so that I may put on Christ.  Then I will begin enjoying heaven on earth.  Amen. (Abide by Macrina Wiederkehr)

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